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Airbnb Implements New Features to Attract and Support Hosts Amid Economic Downturn

As the economy faces challenges, Airbnb aims to attract more property owners to list their homes on the platform. To provide additional support to new hosts and ensure a safe rental experience, the company is expanding its identity verification process to cover 35 countries. This move is expected to enhance trust among the 4 million hosts and guests using the platform.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky believes that trust is crucial for increasing participation in the platform's activities. He asserts that during tough economic times, people tend to list their homes on Airbnb to offer better deals to guests. Despite inflation and rising accommodation rates, Airbnb and other online travel companies reported record revenues in the third quarter. However, reservations are expected to slow down in the final months of the year.

To support new property owners, Airbnb is partnering with experienced "super hosts" in their area, who will help create listings and receive a cash reward for recruiting new hosts. The company is also introducing an anti-party screening tool that uses machine learning to identify listings potentially used for illegal gatherings. Initially available in the US and Canada, the tool will be launched worldwide in 2019.

Airbnb has reiterated its ban on parties in response to the recent outbreak, with over 6,000 guests suspended last year for violating this policy.

In addition to these measures, Airbnb offers resources and educational materials for new hosts to ensure they are well-prepared to manage their short-term rentals. The company is also enhancing its customer support to address concerns and queries more effectively.

Furthermore, Airbnb has introduced a new insurance policy for hosts, providing increased coverage for property damage and liability. This added protection is expected to instill confidence in homeowners and encourage more individuals to become hosts on the platform.

To promote a sense of community and enable knowledge-sharing among hosts, Airbnb is also launching a dedicated forum. This platform will allow experienced hosts to share tips and best practices with newcomers, fostering a supportive environment for all participants.

Overall, Airbnb's new features and initiatives are aimed at enticing more property owners to list their homes on the platform while ensuring a secure and pleasurable experience for both hosts and guests.

As the economy continues to face challenges, these measures are expected to provide valuable support to those seeking a second source of income through short-term rentals.

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